What Is Cryptocricketclub

Crypto Cricket Club is the first Blockchain Predicated Cricket Fantasy Sports Platform which will provide its users with impeccable products designed to tackle the key challenges of conventional Fantasy Sports and provided integrated features for utilizer engagement without compromising on user’s data. Fantasy Sports Market in India for cricket itself is estimated to be worth $100 Billion.

Crypto Cricket Club utilizes the potency of blockchain to distribute a platform user can plenarily trust ascertaining utilizer privacy & it’s the unique amalgamation of features and convivial engagement that sets us apart from any traditional platform operating in the sphere.


Escrow-Based Social Market for Users

The attributes of free gregarious market can be exploited better with an Ethereum-powered token and this platform plenarily nails it. Every utilizer will have an equal right to engage in peer to peer rialto to conduct business without any restrictions.

Chat Feature to Enable Users to Indulge in Social Engagement

Inbuilt chat feature will enable user to talk with more like-minded people in this sphere and get better insights into the market trends Users can also tip each other using our native 3Cs token in return for good advice by other users of our platform

Online Cricket Collectible Marketplace

From strategies to cricket collectibles to memes everything can be sold and bought in this market.

Staking Feature Enabling Regular Users to Earn Passive Income

Staking has been implemented in our platform keeping in mind its popularity in crypto community.

We will have two models of staking on our platform-

Gold Staking pool:

Minimum Deposit: 50,000 3Cs with 12 Months Lock Up with annualised yield of 48% .
Pool size- 1.2 Million 3Cs deposit accepted
Reward Pool -576000 3Cs
Early withdrawals available after 7 months.
Bonus pool for 12 months maturity= 100000 3Cs

Silver staking pool:

Minimum Deposit : 25,000 3Cs, 6 month lock-up with an annualised yield of 31%.
Pool size- 1 Million 3Cs deposit accepted
Reward Pool- 310000 3Cs
Early withdrawals available after 5 months.
Bonus Pool for 12 month maturity = 75000 3Cs

Copper staking pool:

Minimum Deposit:12,000 3Cs, 4 month lock-up with an annualised yield of 25%.
Pool Size- 800K 3Cs deposit accepted.
Reward Pool- 200000 3Cs
Early withdrawals available after 3 months.
Bonus Pool for 12 month maturity= 50000 3Cs


Crypto Cricket Club(3Cs) is an Erc20 token with the maximum supply of 15 million.

The contract address for 3Cs is 0x4f56221252d117f35E2f6Ab937A3F77CAd38934D.3Cs is the native token of our platform and will be utilized in a unique way to derive demand.




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Prateek Gambhir

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Sreejith R Pillai

(Financial Consultant)
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Jannik Earl

(Graphics & Creatives Head)
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Abhisaar Panjwani

(Marketing Consultant)
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Aquib Belal

(Community Manager)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes 3Cs is an Erc20 Token with contract address 0x4f56221252d117f35E2f6Ab937A3F77CAd38934D .
You can buy 3Cs token on crypto exchanges, please follow our social media channels for updates on listing.
Cryptocricketclub platform will be ready for beta testing by the end of 2020 and hopefully we will be able to launch it by Q1 of 2021.
3Cs staking feature will be launched with the beta platform in Q4 of 2020.

# For any further query please email us on